Why Consider Vacant Property Security Solutions?

Whether you have purchased an investment property with the intention of renting it out in the future or you have bought a family home, yet it needs some work before you move in, leaving a property vacant and unattended can cost you money in the long run.One of the biggest problems faced by property owners on a global scale that is vacant is squatters. Squatters rights can make it exceptionally difficult to get rid of these people, whether you have a residential, commercial or you own land. In fact rules differ from country to country. In the United Kingdom, for example, it is a criminal offence to squat in a residential property without the owners consent, but the offence is only if you damage or refuse to leave when requested to do so by the court. When it comes to commercial property or land, it is not a criminal offence.For property owners, having someone living on the property without their permission can be a long and expensive road to getting them evicted legally. What you may not know is a squatter that has been in a property for ten years or more and has acted as the owner during this time can actually become the registered owner of the property in the United Kingdom. That is definitely food for thought and a good reason to take full advantage of vacant property security solutions.Leaving any property empty and unattended can lead to a host of problems. Over time burglars will notice that no one lives in the property, making it an easy target, where they will break in take valuable items, if the property is furnished, they may even take appliances, wiring and more.Further you will open the property up to vandals. There are still those that find great delight in smashing the windows of empty properties, writing graffiti on interior walls and more. Vandalism can amount of thousands in repairs, something that could be avoided with effective vacant property security.Having vacant property security in place will reduce the risk of theft. It will deter burglars as they see someone on site, they notice security personnel and suddenly your vacant property isn’t as appealing any more.In addition to this, trespassers will be stopped before they get into the property. Being on someone else’s residential property is not a criminal offence, but you don’t want anyone having a good look around. A security guard can stop this immediately, removing the person from the property before they get a look at what you have inside the property.Vandals will be stopped at the gate and returned back to the street. Vandals don’t want to get caught, they find fun in getting inside and causing severe damage. This needs to be stopped the first time they attempt to gain entry to ensure that they don’t try and return at a later date.You will find that the property is prone to damage caused by the weather over time, especially if it is left empty and vacant for long periods. Having vacant property security in place can help identify issues straight away so maintenance can be arranged.In return, once you have vacant property security in place, you get to enjoy complete peace of mind. The property will look occupied and everyone will see that there is someone at the property at all times. You will have added security and when the alarm sounds late in the night, you know it is a real concern and alarm and not a false one.

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